This is a bit of a schizophrenic situation, but I just agreed with myself to spend 20% time on projects which are not related to TotalFinder. Yes, inspired by Google’s idea.

It has to be fun!

Working on TotalFinder is still fun. But the time I spend on emails is greater than the time spent programming new features. Nobody can do support better than me. Sad, but true.

I spent last weekend with friends and other folks at GameJam Prague. The goal was to create a game in 48 hours. A classic hackathlon-style event, part of the Global GameJam.

I’m a big believer in new browser technologies, JavaScript and related things. I took the ImpactJS game engine and I tried to build a simple game on top of it. I’ve had this on my list for a while, but never managed to save some time to really get on it.

Dino needs love

And this is the game we’ve created. Many thanks to Raist who did the graphics and some level design.

It is a really short game with a nice twist at the end. It should take you 5 mins to complete :-)

I’m still in love with game making

In my past life I made a living by working on big games. I spent 3 years working on tools for Mafia2.

But also I’ve produced my own independent games just for fun. And some unfinished of course…

  • PacWars2 - a remake of very old network game full of pac-mans (2002).
  • SilverStunts - an experimental game engine in Silverlight (2007).

Interested in javascript games?

Show us what are you working on. Maybe we can work together and make something interesting.

Google Chrome is becoming a new game engine. And people have it already at home!