** You know, I’m a Bitcoin enthustiast. I will be attending Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments in San Jose this weekend. I have a talk about Trezor, a promising Bitcoin harware wallet being developed by my friends at brmlab. **

Bitcoin is more than just a currency

I’ve been interested in Bitcoin since 2011 when I first heard about it. I was sold on the idea immediatelly. I even started trading TotalFinder for Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a great experiment. It is an opportunity to extend the freedom of the Internet to our financial systems, allowing value (money) to exchange hands with minimal support from middle men (goverments and banking establishments). Most importantly, Bitcoin could dramatically reduce the cost of our global economy.

Dealing with money requires a great deal of responsibility. And securing your computer is not easy. This team of two hackers, with friends in the Bitcoin community, are developing a device that will help you to store bitcoins safely and do secure transactions. I truly believe this is an important step. That is why I’ve been helping the project.

I’m excited and will update you about how BinaryAge is helping to usher in the Bitcoin age.