Firebug 1.5 is out and I’ve just updated most of my Firebug extensions to play nice with this release.

The list of updates for today

FireQuery 0.5 XRefresh 1.4 FireRainbow 1.1

Unfortunately Firefox auto-updating does not work because all my extensions are marked as experimental on AMO. Personally I did not see any benefits of going through their approval process for my addons. This is the first one I can see.

Warning: The old version of FireQuery (0.3) breaks the HTML panel in Firebug 1.5. You have to disable the extension or update to the latest version to fix the issues.

Note: FireLogger (FirePython) will be updated later. I still have it on my TODO list but the new release needs more work and I didn’t manage to find time to make it happen (I’m sorry Guido). Folks interested in bleeding edge versions may always run the latest and greatest from sources at github.

Don’t miss other cool Firebug plugins

Especially excellent FireCookie and EventBug by Jan Odvarko:

The full list of Firebug extensions is here.

The web is moving quickly

Firebug authors did really great work on this release. I’d like to thank them on behalf of the dev community. Without Firebug we would return back to the trees.

Happy web development with new Firebug in 2010!