** 2012 is over. What a great year! Let’s see what was important.
This is my traditional summary of past year for people who follow this story.
Last year I wrote about the third year of BinaryAge.**

Stephen became my business partner

Stephen is the developer of TotalSpaces. We became friends and partners in business. He is a Mac and iOS developer, hacker and radio electronics guru. He is a computer veteran, an englishman living in Finland. I look forward to see what we can achieve together in the years comming.

BinaryAge Limited incorporated

After the last year of stabilization I decided to decouple the business from my individual person. It is not “just me” anymore, it is a mindset shift. It is not just changing “the about page”. You may think about this process as a solo-founder business refactoring. I would like to see BinaryAge as a distributed cloud company. No single “central” offices, just people collaborating remotely from different parts of the world. HipChat, GitHub and Hangouts shall be our offices.

I’m much more confident in the future. We have multiple products for offer now. We have multiple pairs of hands nurturing them. We have promising ideas and unique skills to make them a reality. Also we managed to accumulate some capital to be pretty confident we can carry on and support our users in the future.

We are also looking for some help. At this point we need some Mac addict who would help us with the community. Someone doing user support on email and forums. Please drop us a line if you want to join us.

San Francisco and Mountain Lion

One dream came true. San Francisco is a great place. I spent full three months there during spring and early summer. Stephen visited me there too.

When I got back to Prague I got busy with Mountain Lion TotalFinder release. It went quite well - Mountain Lion did not bring as many changes as Lion had.


During the year I started several experimental projects with other developers:

  • leechgate - Google Analytics for your S3 bucket
  • restatic - pumps spreadsheet data into your static site
  • terraform - my take on a concept of “editable web”

Also Mark did a nice job on editing the Hints from BinaryAge. Thanks!

I believe collaborating on experimental open projects and ideas is a great way to try to work together.

What’s next in 2013?

I want to hire a new developer who would work on TotalFinder. Together with Stephen I would like to start working on a new product. Do you have any ideas what we should build next? We are eager to hear them!

On personal level I’m planning a rather dramatic change: I’m going to sell all my furniture/stuff and move out of my rented aparment in Prague. I will start traveling around the world with just a MacBook Pro. I can tell you that Maccman’s post was a great inspiration here, but it won’t be that romantic in my case :) By traveling I mean using AirBnB to switch a city every three months or so. I want to do some work as well. Any tips what cities are worth visiting first? :)

Also personally I’m going to get involved in the bitcoin community.

Thanks for your care and I wish you all the best in the new year.

I'd like to also thank my family, friends and all contributors who supported me.