It was a successful year. BinaryAge has become a serious business in 2011.
This is my traditional summary of the year for people who follow this story.
Last year I wrote about the second year of BinaryAge.

Rescue my Time!

While looking back, I wonder where did I spend all my time. I haven’t completed any big features in 2011. Where did my time go?

I’m into analytics and I have been using RescueTime to track my behavior. When looking back this gives us good insights how much time did I spend on what.

This graph is plotted by week. Particulary interesting is the purple area, which is real development time.

  • email support seems to be eating quite a chunk of my time, especially at the end of the year during MacUpdate Winter Bundle
  • Apr-Jul development time I spent mostly on Lion port of TotalFinder
  • interesting observation is that friends’ weddings outside the Prague are productivity killers :-) * end of March
  • beginning of July
  • beginning of September wasn’t that bad because it took place in Prague
  • Sep-Dec: Russia trip! I have never got into zone to do any real development progress.
  • I’ve spent a lot of time educating myself, watching videos for startups and reading hacker news - that’s probably part of that gray area

Also RescueTime exposed quite shocking number that I’ve spent almost 2800 hours in front of the computer which is more than twice of average computer freak.

This is hard data to prove that I need to hire someone to take care of support and help me with social media monitoring. I need to reclaim my development time back.

Lion release

I had to re-implement most of TotalFinder features for Lion version of Finder. It was more difficult than I anticipated but finally I was able to bring all TotalFinder features back to Lion. Unfortunately some users are still experiencing stability or performance issues while using TotalFinder. That hurts me and I have to address them as soon as possible.

Russia - Saint Petersburg

Originally I thought I will spend few months in San Francisco by the end of the year. But instead I have joined my best friend and followed him to Russia. We had a lot of fun in Saint Petersburg together. It is a nice historic city with friendly girls and cool bars. Maybe we drank too much vodka there :-)

What’s next in 2012?

I’m still in love with TotalFinder and I want to spend most of my development time on it in 2012. I don’t want to promise any big features. My highest priority must be performance and stability of existing features and interoperability with existing ecosystem of Mac software. Because that is what makes Mac an exceptional platform. Not the raw number of features but the quality and the level of care which has been put into them. TotalFinder definitely needs more care.

On personal level I plan to visit San Francisco for few months in spring. I want to get the feel of the vibrant startup community.

Thanks for your support and I wish you all the best in the new year.

I'd like to also thank my family, friends and all contributors who supported me.