It’s finally here, TotalFinder 0.9.6 adds the toolbar pill button and also got bunch of fresh new localizations.

Toolbar Pill Button

Toolbar Pill Button was one of the top requested features. It wasn’t as easy to implement as it looks, but I’ve finally cracked it. I had to disable the original animations, because they looked really jerky. I’ve also improved how Finder’s sidebar and toolbar are managed under TotalFinder’s reign.

Translators did a nice job, thank you guys!

I’m really glad you guys picked up my instructions and contributed your changes directly to totalfinder-i18n repo on GitHub. I know it was something new to learn on your side. But please understand this is a great time-saver for me. Much appreciated.

TotalFinder got translated into Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. And here is the list of contributors. The project is evolving, you are always welcome to fork and make your own contribution. Thank you.

Joined the Micropreneur Academy

It has been almost a month since the last version and I had so many plans for this release. Unfortunately I got toasted in my day-job and I had almost no extra time or energy to push TotalFinder much further. This is quite frustrating, but look at it from the other side: you may enjoy another free month :-)

As TotalFinder grows in popularity I’m also spending quite a lot of time on support. Not only at GetSatisfaction forums, but also replying to individual emails. At this place I’d like to thank Lorenzo Orlandi who is doing a great job of answering questions on public forums. He took a lot of work off my plate so I can focus more on development. Thank you, Lorenzo!

Approaching 1.0 and launching the product commercially is maybe the most difficult phase so far. I’m always looking for new motivation. And I’ve found a real gem. A podcast for people like me who are trying to launch their own web site or product. Check out the Startups for the rest of us by Mike and Rob. Those guys are doing a great job by explaining important stuff and sharing their own experiences.

I have joined their Micropreneur Academy and I hope this will enable me to launch sooner and avoid some obvious mistakes.