UPDATE: Two months after I started selling TotalFinder I've decided to remove this option. This experiment had zero traction. I would rather simplify licensing and instead focus more on making the product awesome. If you have any special licensing needs, please contact me at antonin@binaryage.com. Thanks!

** Captain Kirk just called me. He wants to buy a multi-license for his crew. But the problem is that even Spock is unable to tell how many licenses they will need to operate. Luckily enough, they at least know how many people use Macs on USS Enterprise today. **

Licensing to companies, labs and working groups

So I promptly came up with a new crazy scheme for licensing to groups.

The idea is that if you are a boss you can send me an additional $50 for the TotalFinder Lock and apply it to the group. Then you can stop worrying about fluctuations in your group for one year.

And do you want to know what he told me?


But don’t be over-excited. They’re buying licenses only for officers in the command center…