** I’m in better control of my time now, so I can set the launch date to Sep 27, 2010.
I have almost a whole month to polish the product, write docs and open the store. **

It is a special day. It’s TotalFinder’s birthday!

Please don’t miss the event. TotalFinder will turn one year since the very first commit.

It is quite interesting to look back at how it started. In the mid of September 2009 I was tinkering with Terminal.app’s Visor code and ported it to Snow Leopard. And then when I was playing with the awesome F-Script and inspecting random apps I discovered by accident that Finder.app is in fact a Cocoa app. This was new in Snow Leopard so I ran a class dump on it and … Holy cow! This might be something really interesting I’ve just discovered here!

You can clearly see that it started as a pure weekend project. Initial weekends of excitement, Sep 27-28 and Oct 03-04. Then two weekends off because I went on a trip to San Francisco. But then after the return I continued persistently “on the path to the holy grail”. The first public version came out about one month later as TotalFinder ALPHA.

“You Can Only Connect The Dots By Looking Backwards”
-- Steve Jobs--

I promise no new features, just bug-fixing and polishing

Version 1.0 is going to be a nice release. After the last broken releases I really want to take time and make it as good as possible. People who upgraded to 0.9.9 can stick with it till Sep 27. Folks who switch to the BETA channel updates will probably get several minor releases during the month.

Help me with marketing

I’m a developer, not a marketer. But I’m able to learn quickly. The guys from Micropreneur Academy always stress that marketing is at least 33% of the success. I did my 33% part on coding. If you have any ideas and want to help me make it big on launch day, I will be happy to discuss it.

Anyway, have a great September and hope to see you downloading TotalFinder 1.0 :-)