**I’ve just released TotalFinder 0.6.7 which is identical to 0.6.6. It has just the expiration date set to February 8, 2010. **

My original goal was to release 0.7 today, but I simply didn’t make it. Instead of releasing half-baked version and dealing with complaints I’ve decided to postpone 0.7 release. Software is hard :-/

Good news for the next release

I have had quite good progress. I have a more stable version of TotalFinder and solved many remaining display quirks. I’ve also removed great chunks of experimental code, so TotalFinder should be also somewhat lighter.

Also I’ve spent the whole weekend on implementing dual-panel mode. I got it working but it is still not ready for prime time.

zAnd by the way, I’ve implemented a custom crash report dialog. Hope you will not see it very often:

Overwhelmed with great responses

I want to thank you all for great responses. TotalFinder has been really hot on Twitter and got great coverage in Mac media and blogosphere. I wasn’t prepared for such an explosion of interest.
But it is GREAT! Yooohoooo! :-)

Need support?

I’m sorry I don’t have much time to respond individually to your mail messages. If you need support please discuss your ideas or issues on Get Satisfaction. This way I can spend more time doing actual coding.

Thank you!