** OSX Mavericks public release is almost upon us. What of TotalSpaces? **

The new operating system brings many changes

Ever since Apple introduced fullscreen apps, users with more than one display have been staring at a useless blank second monitor while working with a fullsceen app on the other one. When OSX Mavericks was announced, Apple had done a great thing - they made it possible to keep something different on each of your displays. This was a fundamental change in the system, and one much welcomed by users.

However, I knew this meant a significant change for TotalSpaces. And it turns out there were many other changes under the hood also. In fact, we had to take the whole app to bits, and re-architect it to work with Mavericks. It was frustrating at times, but we were able to clean up and correct earlier mistakes as we went, and I think we ended up with a better result.

The very soul of TotalSpaces is the grid that enables you to keep a mental map of where your windows are. With the new version, I wanted to focus on the grid, to incorporate all types of desktops in it, and to make it easy for you to re-arrange your grid as you work.

TotalSpaces2 is designed for Mavericks

And so TotalSpaces2 was born. It’s not exactly the same as TotalSpaces (there are some differences), but it gives you the same grid and the same workflows as before.

You can download TotalSpaces2 here: http://totalspaces.binaryage.com/changes2

TotalSpaces2 works well with both major multi-monitor spaces modes, but the re-written code offers performance benefits and ease of use for single screen users as well.

I hope you like it!


TotalSpaces2 was a significant effort, and it is a paid upgrade. However, we are giving a 40% discount on the full price for earlier users of TotalSpaces.

Also we felt it fair to offer a free upgrade if you bought TotalSpaces after Mavericks was announced (10th June 2013).

To get your new licence, paste your TotalSpaces licence code here

Please download TotalSpaces2 and try it before buying!

If you have any trouble, or have misplaced your original licence code, we are here to help - feel free to email us at support@binaryage.com