** I will be attending WWDC this year. Yes, I’m super excited that I won the ticket lottery this year :-) **

Tabs in OS X 10.9?

This will be my first WWDC ever. I’ve heard many good things about WWDC so I have pretty high expectations.

I’m interested in all the dev stuff, but for us as a company the most important will be the revealing of OS X 10.9. There are rumors that Apple is going to implement native tabs in Finder. If it’s true, I believe TotalFinder’s success helped shape their decision to finally include tabs in Finder. And without hacks! :-)

Don’t worry. We have some ideas for future products. I also look forward to new opportunities that the new OS may bring. But we want to hear also from the community. What would dramatically improve your daily computer life? Please share it with us.

Let’s meet!

If you happen to be at WWDC, let’s meet. You can always watch the sessions from recordings but networking can be done only in person. Looking forward to see you there!